2016 Fashion Favourites

This year, a lot of my favourite items are pieces that are versatile. They can easily be dressed up or worn casually, depending on where I'm off to. Cardigan from Ardene's I found this cardigan on a random walk through Ardene's. Typically, I don't buy any clothing from Ardene's because I don't know how long … Continue reading 2016 Fashion Favourites

2016 Beauty Favourites

My beauty favourites this year included a lot of new product that I have discovered, as well as products that I already had, but just finally used and gained a love for. Bobby Brown Foundation Stick I got this foundation stick as part of my Christmas gift in 2014. I had done one of those … Continue reading 2016 Beauty Favourites

December 2016 Favourites

Another month has ended! And even crazier, we have reached the end of another year (and a very crazy year at that)! The month of December was filled with many dinners celebrating birthdays and of course, the holiday season. Therefore, my favourites for the month reflect all the celebrations and events I experienced during this … Continue reading December 2016 Favourites

Two Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to add personality to your home this holiday season. They can also serve as a Christmas gift for someone if you feel like being crafty this holiday season. These two easy Christmas decorations are sure to get you into the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. … Continue reading Two Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

A Guide to Alternate Gift Sources

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, many of us will be making our gift lists and mentally preparing to hit the mall and other shops. Going to a mall or shopping in general on a weekend (when most of us are able to go) can be stressful enough for some people, but add in the … Continue reading A Guide to Alternate Gift Sources

November 2016 Favourites

December is here! Hot drinks, holiday decorations, and colder weather are a clear sign that we are in the last month of this year (which is the craziest thought). While I am getting ready for Christmas (I've actually pretty well finished my shopping), I am sharing my favourites for the month of November: Soybu Convertible … Continue reading November 2016 Favourites

Black Friday Tips: What You Should Get and How to Make it as Painless as Possible.

Black Friday is coming up quickly (just over a week by the writing of this post) and with that day comes the unofficial/official launch of the Holiday season. While I have already seen many Christmas decorations in public streets, various stores, and even in people's homes, it doesn't really feel "official" until events like the … Continue reading Black Friday Tips: What You Should Get and How to Make it as Painless as Possible.

Stef’s Travels: Orlando Parks Edition

I haven’t been to Orlando in about 10 years, and I knew that I wanted and needed to hit up all the parks and attractions that Orlando is so famous for. I already indulged in my trip to DisneyWorld with my brother, so here is a quick recap from my other adventures: Typhoon Lagoon Typhoon … Continue reading Stef’s Travels: Orlando Parks Edition

My Day at DisneyWorld

Tuesday, October 25th My feet, body, and mind were tired in the end, but I wouldn't trade my full day at Disney for anything. My brother Chris and I left Siesta Key 6:50am and arrived just after 9am at DisneyWorld. We haven't been for about 10 years or so, and we were both really excited … Continue reading My Day at DisneyWorld