Becoming a Tourist in my Own City

I’ve lived in Toronto nearly my whole life (I spent two years in Waterloo, ON), and there are so many spots I have yet to explore. Whether they are relatively new places to visit and photograph in the city or classic tourist spots that I have just never made my way to, I feel like there is so much of this city I have yet to explore.

I’m excited for the upcoming summer months as not only will that mean warmer weather, it also means I have my Saturdays back! In case you missed it, I have gone back to school on Saturdays to become a Montessori teacher. I won’t have any school in July and August, so I want to use these newly available days to find somewhere new to visit.

These visits won’t necessarily all be in Toronto, for example, after listening to a recent The History Chicks podcast on iTunes (look them up, you won’t be disappointed),  I found out that I live close to various historical sites of Lucy Maud Montgomery a.k.a. the brilliant mind behind Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, etc. As a Canadian girl – and one who was obsessed with Anne growing up – I feel like I need to make a day of visiting L.M. Montgomery sites and taking pictures to share.

I will try and write up about as many as I can, sharing my thoughts and pictures. I would love some suggestions from any fellow Torontonians, or perhaps anyone who has visited the city and stumbled upon some incredible places to stop by.


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