Preparing for the 2017 Bikini Series

On Monday, I will be starting the 2017 Bikini Series challenge from the lovely ladies at Tone It Up. I participated in the Series last year, and I dropped about 10lbs. It was hard at times for sure; the first week was especially difficult to get used to how much more I was working out and how different the food was that I was consuming.

I felt a difference in my energy and overall health during the challenge, and lately, I haven’t been feeling that great. I get really anxious or upset when I go clothing shopping, and it has been a while since these attacks have happened. I’ve also started to get severe stomach aches at night or in the morning and feel sick during the day.

It was great timing that the Bikini Series is about to launch. By the time the series ends, I will be finishing up my current contract job and getting ready to work as a camp supervisor for a soccer camp for kids. When I was playing soccer multiple times a week, I was in the best shape, and I’m hoping that by doing the series and kicking my own butt back into shape, I will be prepared to survive the summer.

I can’t wait to get the Nutrition Plan this week and start shopping and meal prepping over the weekend. I will keep myself in check by tracking my meals with the My Fitness Pal app, as well as the Fitness/Meal Tracker extension from The Happy Planner. I also need to keep to the meal plan and remember why I started this plan and why I want to keep going. Not to mention the grand prize the girls are offering as an added incentive ;).

Hope you’ll enjoy my progress posts at the end of each week!



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