2016 Fashion Favourites

This year, a lot of my favourite items are pieces that are versatile. They can easily be dressed up or worn casually, depending on where I’m off to.

Cardigan from Ardene’s


I found this cardigan on a random walk through Ardene’s. Typically, I don’t buy any clothing from Ardene’s because I don’t know how long it will last me. However, upon trying on this piece, I fell in love instantly. It is light, flowy, and the perfect top for a summer day or night. It is from their festival collection which is obvious, but I love the look and feel of this cardigan all day. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again so I can wear this beauty all the time.

Fongara Wedges from Spring


Another accidental find, I was originally looking for shoes to wear to a wedding when I found these. I had been wanting a pair of wedges for while but couldn’t find any that were comfortable enough for me to wear, let alone ones that were cute and affordable. I tried on these and instantly, I was comfortable. I have worn these on dates and out to formal events with various outfits. An added bonus is the beauty of the colour, the wedges go with SO MUCH of my closet! I can honestly wear these wedges for hours on end without my feet getting sore. I’ve never encountered a pair of shoes that weren’t flats that accomplish this. I can definitely say, these are shoes of love.

Fossil Sydney Crossbody


I have been wanting this style of bag from Fossil for a very long time. Due to the price, I could never justify getting it for myself. One day during a trip to the blessed outlet mall, I found it while I was with my mom. My birthday was approaching and my mom asked if I wanted this bag. My reply was an emphatic YES! This has been my day-to-day bag ever since. I love that it is small, but you can fit so much inside. The card slots in the front pocket make it so much easier for me to get out my debit or credit cards out. I have room to have my phone, chapstick, headphones, tissues, you know, the essentials in your purse. From summer to winter, this is a purse I can happily use all year long.

Soybu Convertible Bag


I got this as a gift from my aunt. She is part of the Canadian distribution team for Soybu and gave this to me as she knows I am a huge fan of the brand as well as bags like this. It’s incredible to me the versatility of this bag and the three (3), yes, I said three, different ways you can carry the bag. You can carry it as a hobo, a cross body, or as a backpack! I have found the backpack option extremely helpful when I have my laptop in the bag. There is so much room in this bag to carry whatever you desire. I have used this to go to hot yoga class, to Panera Bread to do some work on my laptop, or even as an overnight bag. Unfortunately, Soybu does not ship to Canada, but if you are lucky enough to be somewhere where they do ship, I would suggest checking this bag out.

Mermaid Tail Blanket


I have a theory that in an alternate universe, I am a mermaid. Between my naturally wavy hair and my love for swimming, it just makes sense to me.

Ok, you can stop laughing now.

I have seen these blankets all over the internet, especially on social media. They looked comfy and just the best way to be warm while reading a book or having a good old Netflix binge. I got my blanket as a gift for Christmas and have been obsessed with wearing it. I feel so warm and happy whenever I wear it, I could easily fall asleep while wearing this blanket. There are a few places I have seen online where you can find these blankets, but I think a good old Google search of “mermaid tail blanket” should give you some ideas.

Tomorrow, I share my favourite reads from 2016.



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