2016 Beauty Favourites

My beauty favourites this year included a lot of new product that I have discovered, as well as products that I already had, but just finally used and gained a love for.

Bobby Brown Foundation Stick

I got this foundation stick as part of my Christmas gift in 2014. I had done one of those makeover things and my mom and I picked out my favourite items. I didn’t actually start using this until this past year. And wow was I behind on how useful and amazing it is! It’s a non-messy way of applying my foundation. I just draw on my face like it’s a crayon and blend it in. The coverage is fabulous and honestly, it’s worth the $55 price tag attached to it. This stick has lasted me well over two years. When I do need to buy a new one, I am sure it will last me that much longer again.

Essie Nail Polishes – Lilacism, Mint Candy Apple, Bordeaux

Nail polish is a beauty item that has become a favourite of mine in my 20’s. It seems like a delayed reaction, but as an athlete, I hated having anything on my fingers. I love getting pedicures because my toes aren’t as exposed so they don’t chip as fast. I’ve loved getting Essie polishes because they last a long time and I love their colours. Essie polishes are expensive, but I’ve been able to find them for a good price at Marshall’s, Winners, etc.

These colours aren’t “traditional” in terms of colours many girls like to have on their nails. But I think they just add that extra something that makes your nails just pop.

Yes to Cucumber Makeup Wipes


These are wipes I discovered in the last year. I didn’t know initially where to find them, but I was able to finally find them at Shoppers Drug Mart. As far as I know, that is the only place to find this brand within Canada (someone please tell me if there is another place!). I’m always on the hunt for a good makeup remover wipe that won’t be too harmful or feel too rough on my skin. These babies were just was I was looking for. Yes to has a few different varieties of their product such as coconut, tomato, carrots, and grapefruit. The cucumber variation is made more for sensitive skin which is what I have, so it worked out perfectly. The wipes are great and I truly only need one to get makeup off my skin.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Throughout this year, I have experienced getting my eyebrows a little too waxed. I don’t like them very thin and one time, the esthetician went too far and made them quite skinny. I knew that once the hair started growing back, I was going to need some help in filling in my eyebrows. I went to Sephora and one of the ladies suggested the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and after she demonstrated on me what it looked like after application, I was convinced. It blended in perfectly and my eyebrows looked completely natural. It was the perfect solution to my eyebrow problem.

Lush Products

My love for Lush runs deep. I used to work somewhere that was right across from a Lush and the smell was always so intoxicating. As I’ve been working more, I can afford to get products for myself. I came to a realization that I needed to start treating my skin to nicer products that were more natural and came from a good place.

Two products from Lush have become my loves, Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty. Ocean Salt is more of one I use in the shower as it is a face and body scrub while Mask of Magnaminty is a leave-on mask that I put on before I hop into the shower. (It’s much easier washing the mask off in the shower since I’m already going to get wet.) These gorgeous masks leave my skin so soft and glowing. I feel so good using them and I know my skin thanks me for it. When it comes to Lush, the best thing is to talk to one of their associates and describe your skin tone. They will be able to tell you which product will treat your skin type the best and help you feel better.

I’d love to know, what were some of your favourite beauty products in 2016?


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