December 2016 Favourites

Another month has ended! And even crazier, we have reached the end of another year (and a very crazy year at that)!

The month of December was filled with many dinners celebrating birthdays and of course, the holiday season. Therefore, my favourites for the month reflect all the celebrations and events I experienced during this final month of 2016.

img_1909Melissa and Marley Dress

I have been wearing this dress for all types of events this past month. From my dad’s birthday brunch near the beginning of December to wearing it with tights on Christmas Eve, this dress has definitely shown and proven its versatility. I love that this dress is so comfy and flowy. Even the pattern gives me the feeling that the dress could have fit in the 70’s.

Mermaid Tail Blanket img_1908

I got this blanket for Christmas this year and am OBSESSED with it. I’ve seen them all over the internet for months and have wanted one of my own. My mom and I stumbled on a booth at the One of a Kind show last month and I fell in love. My mom was my secret Santa this year, so she got me the blanket as my gift. No exaggeration, working on my computer is so much more fun with my mermaid tail.

img_1910Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Quick fact: I LOVE Anna Kendrick. She is my one of my favourite actresses and I love following her on social media. She’s hilarious, smart, and seems like she would be a great friend. Reading this book, I just fell more in love with Anna and her personality. She did not sugar coat anything about how her career got started, and how she struggled to even just have a car or pay rent, even after making films she is known for. Reading this book just felt like I was talking to her, and she was telling me her story. For anyone who likes Anna Kendrick, please read this book, you’ll want her to be your best friend (just as I do).

Tri-Wizard Cup Lamp img_1911

Another tremendous Christmas gift, this desk lamp is the perfect addition to my room. My brother gave it to me as he knows how much I love all things Harry Potter. It’s a great sized lamp, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and is made of a solid material. I was worried looking at the box that it was going to be really light and thin, but it’s so well-made. I love it.




Next up on the blog: Be sure to check out my roundup of my favourite items for the year of 2016 next time!


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