November 2016 Favourites

December is here! Hot drinks, holiday decorations, and colder weather are a clear sign that we are in the last month of this year (which is the craziest thought). While I am getting ready for Christmas (I’ve actually pretty well finished my shopping), I am sharing my favourites for the month of November:

img_1836Soybu Convertible Black Bag

I got this as a gift from my Aunt, and I have fallen in love with it. It can be carried three different ways: as a tote, as a crossbody, and as a backpack. I have used it for hot yoga and as a backpack. This tote fits so much! I can fit my laptop easily, along with notebooks, my wallet, other stuff I would carry in my purse, etc. It can also fit a change of clothes for the yoga studio, my water bottle, towels, and my yoga mat. It really is the perfect convertible bag, great job Soybu!

img_1837Cream of Earl Grey tea from David’s Tea

This has become one of my all-time favourite teas. Early Grey has always been one of my go-to flavours, but the Cream of Earl Grey adds a little of vanilla, which I always love. I have been sick for the past couple of days, so the tea has been extra helpful, but it is always so yummy to me. I add a little stevia to make it a little sweeter, but it is good all on its own. So if you’re looking for a new tea, be sure to check out this one from David’s Tea!

logo_b_c_2Brit + Co. Free Classes

Brit + Co. has a great variety of classes for the Boss Lady in your life, or if you are a Boss Lady yourself. Through a partnership with FedEx, Brit + Co. is offering some of their classes for FREE! That’s right, for free. Now, this won’t be a permanent offer so I highly suggest you check out the page of free classes and pick some to watch. Some of the ones I “purchased” are: Build Your Brand On Social Media Online, Design Your Brand Identity Online, and Phone Photography Basics Online. It’s a great way to build on some skills and get your business going.

img_1832Butterbeer mug from Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I was so curious to try Butterbeer when I went to Wizarding World. I actually was surprised how much I enjoyed it. And whenever I do go back to the park, I will get it again, but purely as ice cream (it is an option and oh so yummy). I bought the collector’s mug because it comes with benefits for the park. First off, any stand in the park with fountain drinks would be reduced in price to $1.25 instead of $4 or $5. It is also under a lifetime warranty. If any part of it ever breaks, I can bring it back to the park one day and exchange it for a new one! This is a great plastic mug and I will hopefully have it for a long time to come.

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them-movie-poster-homepage-sizeFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This movie was AH-mazing!! I have really missed the Harry Potter world, and I’m sure after visiting Orlando, I was really missing the movies more. I was really excited for Fantastic Beasts. The graphics are so well done, it’s a good story, and I loved all the beasts, they were funny and heartwarming at the same time. I am definitely looking forward to the sequels which will be released in the next few years. If you haven’t seen this movie, what are you waiting for?!

What were some of your favourite items for November?



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