Food Friday: Easy Lean Chili

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a Food Friday, but I just had to share this super easy chili recipe with you all.

I’m currently in the beginning of the 31-day challenge with the Tone It Up girls again, and today I made the Easy Lean Chili. I’ve never been the biggest fan of chili because it’s usually:

  • WAYYYYYYYY too hot, or
  • Has more beans than actual meat or tomatoes

While this recipe does call for some beans, I decided to omit them from my version as I am not the biggest fan of them, and seriously, I absolutely love it. This took maybe a half hour to make. It’s only about 5 minutes of initial cooking of the turkey, but after that, you just let the remaining ingredients simmer together to make a yummy chili for a cold fall day.

Easy Lean Chili
makes 3 servings


1 lb of 90% lean turkey (or tempeh)
1 can tomatoes
1⁄2 can kidney beans
1⁄2 can pinto beans
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder pinch of salt


1. In a large pot, cook the turkey with olive oil.

2. After 5 minutes, add beans, spices, & other ingredients!

3. Cook until heated through.


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