My Daily Makeup

For my daily makeup routine, I don’t go super heavy. Even when I go out at night or have an event, the biggest changes in my makeup are on my eyes and lips. Here are the products I use for my day-to-day makeup look.


  1. Foundation or BB Cream
    For the past year, my two go-tos are Maybelline’s BB Cream and Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick. I really like these two because they aren’t ridiculously heavy bases. I’ve tried other foundations that are just too heavy and really liquidy and I enjoy the texture of these two a whole lot more.
  2. Cover-up/Concealer I stumbled upon my favourite cover-up purely by accident. My brother’s girlfriend, Emma, was helping me with my makeup for a Halloween party when she grabbed this concealer from MAC out of her bag. I loved it instantly, and, fortunate for me, she had barely used it because it wasn’t her shade and gave it to me. I place this on any blemishes and under my eyes to conceal my under eye circles.
  3. Pressed Powder
    After adding my foundation and concealer, I like to add a small layer of pressed powder. For a while, I was using the Joe Fresh pressed powder, but wasn’t a huge fan of it. About a month ago, I found the NYC Cosmetic’s Translucent Pressed Powder and have really liked it. It’s light and not too cakey of a powder. Plus, since it is translucent, regardless of whether I have a tan or not, it will blend in properly.
  4. Blush
    I do have naturally blushed cheeks, but I like adding this blush colour onto my face because it is such a natural look. I picked this up at TopShop during Black Friday in 2014. Besides this, I sometimes use the blush from my Naked palette but it is a lot more pigmented so I usually save that for going out or for a fancy event.
  5. Eyes & Eyebrows
    Since I found my Maybelline Rocket Volum’ mascara, my routine has gotten a lot easier. I found with the previous mascara’s, it took a really long time and a lot of application before I was actually happy with the result. This mascara only needs one application and I am happy.
    For my eyebrows, I have been trying very hard to grow them out. The last few times I’ve gone to get them cleaned up, the ladies who have done it have been a little wax happy and made my eyebrows too thin for my liking. So now, I fill them in with my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil that really needs be used to minimally to achieve the look I want.

What are your go-to favourites for your daily look?


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