I love you Aerie but…

I wish you would practice more what you preach in stores. And I don’t mean your staff members and the pictures around the stores, they all show a variety of body shapes, types, girls and women of various ages and walks of life. I mean that I wish you would offer more in-store to girls who have a bigger chest, like me. Let me explain…

Recently, I spent my Saturday shopping with one of my girlfriends. We went into Aerie because they were having a Buy one, get one free promo on bras. All my ladies will know what a steal that can be. Lately, I’ve been purchasing my bras from Pink by Victoria’s Secret as they offer their really cute and funky designs in a large variety of sizes, including my own. I stopped trying to look for a bra at Aerie a long time ago because they didn’t originally carry my size, and if they did, they were super plain, basic ones and I usually could only find it online.

Since Aerie launched the #AerieReal campaign, it seemed like they were going to introduce bigger sizes into their stores with a variety of patterns and designs. Sadly, this isn’t the case. While I did find bras in my size, they were mostly plain ones. No cute designs. No unique patterns. Even in the new bralette style they had (which was super comfy to try on), the largest size it came in was a Large, they don’t even make it in XL.

I wasn’t the only one feeling the frustration, two associates also expressed their disappointment. One who has a large chest like I do, and one who was very petite. The petite one seemed more upset by it. She made a lot of great points at how Aerie promotes that they are all about girls and women of all sizes and that it is seemingly reflected in their stores and online, but it isn’t in reality. If someone with a bigger chest wants a cute pattern, they have to see if it’s offered online, and then have to pay shipping fees just to get it.

This seems so bizarre to me, because I follow both Aerie and Pink on social media. Aerie advertises with girls and women of all shapes and walks of life, while Pink advertises with their typical tall, skinny models. Yet, Pink is the store that actually carries cute bras in bigger sizes, all the time, and their clothes generally fit larger than average.

I do love what Aerie stands for, really. I think it’s amazing that they no longer use retouching and that they are showcasing models of all sizes, I just wish what was available in store matched what they project online. I look forward to the day when both carry larger sizes in cute patterns. Just because a girl has a bigger chest, does not mean they don’t want something adorable to wear all the time. I hope that soon, they will have more of a variety of sizes in stores.


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