Reflecting on 25

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I have decided to reflect on goals, accomplishments, and highlights I’ve reached in my 25th year of life. Most people decide to reflect on New Year’s or begin to think of new goals, but I like to look at my actual birthday as the target instead.

Started a new, full-time job
After months of searching and working various contract jobs, I found a full-time job that not only is in the realm of what I studied for years, but is one I really enjoy. Added bonus: I work from home.

Became more confident – in my body, in my writing, in myself
I’ve been more dedicated to writing this blog over the past year, I find it quite soothing and a great practice for writing, therefore, I feel better about what I write and how I write. In the spring, I actually finished the Tone It Up Bikini Series and lost about 10lbs, making my total loss from a year ago to 17lbs. I feel more comfortable in my skin and feel more comfortable looking for clothes and a style that I can make my own. This altogether makes me feel more comfortable in my skin than I have in a long time. Though, admittedly, there is still room to grow.

Paid off my car
Three years after finding my car and putting down a deposit, I made my final payment in person, a year earlier than scheduled. This is extra money in my pocket that I can use to pay off my student debt and put some away for a house.

Started reading more again
Reading has always been my biggest passion in life. I think after university and college, I was a bit exhausted from reading so much and just needed time to find myself in a frame of mind where reading for pleasure again was achievable, rather than something I HAD to do for school.

Learned how to cook and eat better
During the Bikini Series, I tried new recipes for all meals of the day and began to find ones that I really love and have been making for myself, even long after the series was over. I certainly noticed the difference in how I felt eating that food and sensing what felt better when I finished eating.

Began budgeting and tracking my spending so I can pay off my student debt and start saving for a house
This one seemed like a necessary step. Every day, I see more friends posting that they’ve bought a house, got engaged, gotten married, had kids, so to feel a little more like an adult and realize my age, I knew it was time I started planning and putting money away. P and I have talked about buying a house and have gone to new housing developments to take a peek at what is available. Unfortunately, where we live, houses are not cheap, so we need to really save up.

Started a YouTube channel – which funny enough, currently has 25 subscribers
Recording my first few videos was absolutely nerve-wracking. But as I started to make more, I became more comfortable recording the videos and now, I don’t feel nearly as nervous when I record something new now. (p.s. you can subscribe here)

Attended the weddings of two long-time friends and their new spouses
I was so lucky to be invited to two weddings in April. One for my friend of 12+ years, Rachel, and one for my friend of 8+ years, Jeff. It was wonderful to see them each get married and I felt happy to be apart of their special days. They each married amazing people and I’m happy they found them.


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