DIY Dipped Bottle Vase

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Winners when I found this vase. I thought it was adorable, but I couldn’t justify paying $20 forsomething I know I could make myself. IMG_0120You can find these bottles everywhere, whether you buy a mason jar or milk bottle from a craft store like Michael’s or you recycle an glass jar that, say, tomato sauce came in. It’s an easy project to do and definitely inexpensive.


  • Mason jar or milk bottle
  • Paint colour of choice
  • Tape (Washi or Scotch)
  • Newspaper or towel
  • Paint brush
  • Flowers (real or fake)


  1. Lay down some newspaper or a towel on your work area to avoid getting paint everywhere. Next, make sure your bottle of choice is very clean.
  2. Take your tape and mark off where you want to paint up to on your bottle.
  3. Now you can begin painting! Depending on the colour you have chosen and the depth of colour you’re looking to acheive, you will most likely have to do a few coats.
  4. Once you have your desired colour level, you are done! Remove the tape from the bottle, being careful not to peel any of the paint off. You can now fill your custom-painted vase with flowers of your choice whether it be real or fake.

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