Bikini Series Update: Week Six

As this series is coming close to an end, I found this week was a struggle for a few days as my period came and caused me to crave sweets and salty foods and want to basically eat anything I saw. I’ve been good about curbing my cravings during this series so I was trying to fight my cravings so hard.

Now that my period is basically over, I’m almost back to normal in terms of hunger and what not.

This next week I am going to be doing the 7 day slimdown to maximize on the series. The entry for the grand prizes is due on June 26th, so I will have to work hard and focus this week and take my photos before I leave my tournament on Saturday morning. I’ll be away until late Sunday night and I don’t want to risk missing my chance to enter.

Wish me luck!

Total lost so far: 8.1lbs and 9.45 inches


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