Bikini Series Update: Week Five

This week was mixed for me. While I did reach another low weight of 166.7lbs, I started PMSing which means my cravings for food and sweets skyrockets and my weight and bloating rise. I did my best to keep to the bikini series and I did for the most part.

This week, I didn’t lose much in terms of actual weight, but I did lose some inches. I also have noticed how much different I feel during the day after completing a workout in the morning (or the TIU Booty Call) versus when I don’t. My body is just naturally energized and ready to take on the day.

As I prepare for the final weeks of this series, I need to regain my focus. Monday’s are hardest I find as on Sunday’s I have at least three games to play (two soccer and one football). Meal prepping and shopping are the keys to keeping it up. It’s also amazing how much I am saving because I’m not dining out multiple times a week. I am motivated and I can finish this series (and possibly complete another 8 weeks when I’m done).

Total lost so far: 6.3lbs and 8.2 inches


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