Bikini Series Update: Week Three

This week, I felt a bit better about my food choices. I only had one time where I was weak in terms of eating badly. I went to Popeye’s on Friday for lunch and it filled me so much that I didn’t end up eating a M4 or M5 for the rest of the day, I even ended up going for a late night swim.

This past weekend I had a football tournament which ended up being five games between two days. I indulged a bit on the weekend after my games were all done for the day. It was mostly due to me barely eating anything during the actual day. I don’t like eating much during tournaments because I don’t want to get cramps or feel like I’m going to throw up.

I think my efforts are finally starting to show. I even had one of my teammates at practice this week ask if I’ve been losing weight. A surefire way to keep me motivated.Β This week I lost 0.4lbs and 1.55 inches.

Total lost so far: 4.1lbs and 4.4 inches.


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