Bikini Series Update: Week One

Last Monday, I began the Tone It Up Bikini Series for 2016. I attempted it last year, but after two and half weeks, I gave up. I was stressing due to a lack of a paying job, not enjoying the food I was eating, and just having no motivation to continue on.

This year, I decided to give it another go, and I think I know why I feel more motivated to do it now: it’ll be easier for me to prepare and execute. I begin by admitting that last year, I did not do any of the meal prep which I know was a huge downfall for me. I assumed I could mostly wing it and hope for the best. I was also doing an internship for six weeks which meant I was not getting paid and couldn’t really buy groceries. Despite that I do live with my parents, I felt bad that they would have to buy food just for me, some of which could get expensive. I know have a full-time job and I’m working from home for it. Making it not only easier to meal prep, but I can actually cook the food in some of the plans fresh when it calls for it. It also helps that while there are usually leftovers in my house, I’m not as tempted by them as I would say at the office cafeteria or if I was around the corner from a bunch of fast food places. Don’t get me wrong, I still am close to those, but I’m resisting.

Findings after week one:

  • the Blueberry Bombshell smoothie is my new favourite
  • I love having a Bikini Wrap with strawberries and chicken
  • I’m slowly getting used to cutting myself off at certain points
  • Watching what I eat really carefully is going to take longer than a week

Lost 3.5lbs and 2.35 inches to date

The ladies recommend you take progress pictures as motivation. This was intimidating because I can get conscious quite easily. But I decided to go through with it and here is the difference so far:

I don’t feel like I can see a difference, but maybe that’s just from looking at myself often in mirrors. Perhaps the biggest difference will come after the final week and thenΒ comparingΒ the pictures to the first week’s pictures.

As I begin week two, I am better prepped with my meals as I spent some time putting some together today. I also am going to learn to enjoy to take the time to cook for myself.


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