My Favourite Workout Leggings

When working out, a component to ensuring a good sweat is workout clothing. If you feel good in your workout gear, you’ll feel good while working out and it’s something less to worry about while getting your sweat on. My go-to choice of bottoms while working out at the gym, going for a run, or playing football, is leggings. Throughout the years, I have owned various brands of workout leggings and have decided on what my favourite pairs are. Here are the ones I love, and what I love (and don’t love) about them.

TitikaΒ – Lucky Breaches $64 & Lucky Legging Heathered $72

I have three different pairs of tights from Titika, and I really like two of them. The black pair surprised me with how thick and warm they actually are. I play touch football and in the beginning and end of the season, the weather is really dicey and can often be cold and wet. I wore the black tights and was amazed at how warm and dry I was. I also love wearing these tights to the gym. A feature that I’ve started looking for in leggings is whether they have a little pocket for my iPod. It’s a lot more comfortable and less annoying (to me anyway) than having to put my iPod in an armband. I love how comfortable both pairs of these tights are and how soft they feel. My only critical comment is how long the two pairs are. I often find myself having to pull up the leg so they don’t wear like pants. If they hit somewhere half way down my calves, they’d be perfect.

Lululemon – Wunder Under Crop $39 (Originally $88)

These are my first pair of Lululemon tights, I have owned shorts from there for years, but never bought any of the tights are pants because I didn’t like how they felt. I found these tights at a Lulu outlet in Niagara Falls when they were marked down to $39, a nice break from their usual price of $88. What stood out was how colourful they are and the pattern, and once again, they had the iPod pocket which pretty well sold me on them. I wear these often to the gym as they are comfortable and don’t feel bulky. They are the right length for a legging without me having to pull the leg up or down. They are not super-thick so I can’t wear them on colder days.

Under Armour – Compression Tights $30

These are another great pair of tights for the gym; they’re comfortable, sleek, and don’t weigh you down. Because of this, they are also a great pair to wear when playing football. I bought them about four years ago and they still look brand new. Under Armour quality has always been tops for me, so I know that the product will last. I think I bought them for around $30 as well, so they aren’t overly expensive either. The only negative review I would have to say is they can be see through at the butt which can be really awkward. They also don’t have the iPod holder, which isn’t a big deal if I’m going to work out with P, but that is usually the reason I don’t wear them.

What are your favourite leggings to break a good sweat in?



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