Cheers to Aerie and American Eagle

For the past two years, Aerie, the lingerie brand by American Eagle, has stopped using Photoshop in all of their campaigns/photos. They also have started using models with various body types, hair types, skin colours, etc. This choice has proved to be successful as they have reported higher sales since making the change. And frankly, I’m more likely to support them than Victoria’s Secret (as much as I love PINK long sleeves). By using the hashtag #AerieReal, Aerie has completely begun a generation of more confident girls! And it’s about time.

Now American Eagle has started a similar route, but with men. The new campaign is #AerieMan, similar to #AerieReal, it’s all about celebrating all shapes and sizes of men. We often forget that just like females, in most fashion campaigns there is the stereotypical ripped guy. The one with perfect hair, arms, a six-pack, the list goes on. And just like with female models, we know that a majority of men do not look like models. I applaud Aerie and American Eagle for taking the steps to recognize all shapes and sizes of men and women and showing how beautiful each and every one of us can be.

I also noticed a commercial by AXE body spray commercial which encouraged guys to embrace the “flaws” they have and not to worry about looking like the billboard model.

It’s key to remember that females aren’t the only ones who battle with body image, males are bombarded with the “perfect body” images too and it’s great to see companies embracing the variety of body types in the world and celebrating them.



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