Simple Organization.

This week,I’m talking about simple ways to add some organization to your room!

Recently, I had a look at a lot of my (ahem) junk drawers and was bothered at how messy and junky they really are. My makeup and nail polish were all over the place and there was hardly any organization to it at all. 

So yesterday, I went to Michael’s and Marshall’s to find what I knew I was going to need to get those drawers in shape.

For my beauty drawer, I picked up two plastic organizers from Marshall’s which were each $10.

And at Michaels I went to pick up this gorgeous rose gold wire basket that was on sale for $15. There was another one that had silver for the basket and the handles were rose gold, but I passed on that one. I couldn’t figure out what to put in the wire basket. Initially, I had stuck two of my Bath & Body Works candles in there, but on my way home from the gym last night, it struck me that I should put in my craft mason jars. I’m pretty happy with how good it looks.


I didn’t even have to spend any money on my next organization task. I went ahead and reorganized this teal basket I had sitting on one of my shelves (in fact, where the rose gold one is now). There were a few items in there I didn’t need so I tossed them and I moved the basket it where it was more practical: on my desk. Now I can easily grab my planner and add new events or tasks to it.


Taking out the Mason’s jars gave me some extra storage in my burlap basket (which I bought around Christmas but I think it works year-round). I decided it can hold more of my larger stuff like my light, my macaron sheet and my decorating piper.

Organizing is a simple, but sometimes daunting task. It can be as simple as clearing out your drawers or buying some cheap storage for your drawers.

Hope you found this helpful!


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