An Unexpected Touristy Evening

Last night, my boyfriend (P) and I celebrated our two year anniversary. It unintentionally became a touristy visit downtown. We had already planned on going to the Ripley’s Aquarium, but for those who also live in Toronto, you’ll know that the CN Tower is right next to it.

The Aquarium is absolutely gorgeous, the various exhibits were so fascinating to watch, and a few times I caught myself entranced with watching the various species swim by. I felt like such a little kid staring at all the fish and taking pictures and videos. I told P that in another life, I would have studied Marine Biology. We got to the Aquarium around 6pm which was perfect as it wasn’t too busy and there weren’t a ton of kids screaming about.

I can also tell you that the filtering facility there is a wonder all in its own; they definitely take care of all those gorgeous creatures.

As we left the Aquarium, we walked past the entrance to the CN Tower. I hadn’t visited the CN Tower in at least 10 years; I’m terrified of heights so going up it hasn’t always been my cup of tea. P asked if I wanted to go up, I was unsure about it, but he encouraged me and said he would be right next to me in case I needed a hand (and I definitely would).

It’s definitely not cheap to go up the CN Tower for the “Tower Experience” ($35/adult). We were up pretty quickly, it was 8pm on a Saturday so it’s not exactly the busiest point of the day. The elevator up is with glass elevators which prompted me to wrap my arms around P as we traveled up. It’s not so bad a night, I could feel myself less scared than I thought I would be.

Once we were actually up, I was doing okay. The view was spectacular. I had never been up the Tower at night so seeing the various viewpoints of Toronto (and beyond) was gorgeous. I was distracting myself with the view because I knew the impending tourist part of the CN Tower: the glass floor.

By the glass floor, they have a posted to advise how much the glass could withstand with three whales being one of the examples. This did not help. As P dragged me onto the glass floor, I avoided looking down. I was squeezing, really more crushing, his hand with both of mine as he said, “It’s okay, look down.” I did and I was terrified. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I remember it being when I went during the day, but it didn’t help none-the-less. It killed me seeing little kids, who generally have little fear about anything, crawl, jump, skip, all over the glass.

We walked around that level until we once again returned to the glass. I was still fairly terrified and immediately needed to purchase a $3 tiny bottle of Diet Coke to help calm me down. We didn’t stay too long after that. We headed to the nearest elevator and made our way down. Once we were on ground level, I sat down and repeated, “I’m safe. I’m on the ground.”

Poor P, I don’t think he anticipated how much my height fear really can affect me.

We then went to the gift shop area and purchased the souvenir photo that we took before we went up. I’m glad it was before, I don’t think I would have had a smile on my face after.

Overall, I had an amazing night with P. It’s crazy to think that it’s already been two years, but at the same time, amazed that it’s only been two years. This was just one of the adventures we went on together, I can’t wait to see what new ones we get up to in the future.



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