Countdown to Christmas – Five Days!

Hey friends!

I cannot believe that Christmas is only five days away! It’s crazy how quickly the time has flown since I wrote my original Countdown to Christmas post. I have actually already opened 90% of my gifts. My mom flew to Germany for Christmas and New Year’s this year to be with her parents and cousins, so on the 16th, my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend and I enjoyed Christmas dinner and present opening.

I will be making a video after Christmas on “What I got for Christmas/Boxing Day 2015” for my YouTube channel. I will also be making two other videos coming up: “Favourites of 2015” and “What’s in my Purse.”

I cannot wait to have a mini-break from work – it’s been super quiet due to the lack of snow. On Friday, we got to leave two hours early because there was nothing for us to do.

I’m excited to take a look at other videos like the ones I’m going to be publishing to my channel. If you would like to look at the three videos I have posted so far, please check out my channel here. And please subscribe 🙂 I do sub back!



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