Honest Company Product Review

Two months ago, I ordered a bundle from The Honest Company, whose CEO is actress Jessica Alba. It is a company which prides itself on its products that are effective and also baby safe. Jessica and her business partner Chris are both parents who were not satisfied with what they saw on the market was considered to be “safe” around children.

The company does not only make stuff for babies and new parents, they also make stuff for the home and for women and men’s health in general. Since I don’t have any children, I decided to order some products that I could use daily at home as well as one wellness product that I only needed a few days each month.

Hand Soap – Lavender
This is the product that I probably used the most. I have it in my upstairs bathroom and LOVE the smell. I love lavender everything so when I saw this product, I was naturally drawn to it.


Organic Cotton Pads – Regular
I decided to try out the pads because the brand I have been using since I was 12 (Always) hasn’t always been that comfortable. I have to say that these pads are very soft and a lot more breathable. The only thing I would say I didn’t like is that I don’t think I could wear these on heavier days. I did have two periods while I was testing out all these products, and I didn’t feel secure in using these during my first two days. I do know that Honest has a Super level of the pads which I feel like should be perfect for the first two days of my period.


Bubble Bath
I used this twice for baths and I have to say, they did not exaggerate about the bubble part. I couldn’t believe how full my bathtub was of bubbles! Not only was there an abundance of bubbles, but it smelled really nice. It is a very citrusy smell which is nice and relaxing in a bath. I would love to see a lavender bubble bath, not only because I love lavender, but because I think it would be a perfect combination and a relaxing way for anyone to relax.


Dishwasher Packs – 32 pack 
I wasn’t overly impressed by these. Every time I used them, I found that I had one or two dishes that actually needed to stay in the dishwasher because they weren’t entirely clean. They are convenient because of the individual packs, but other than that, I don’t think I would get them again.


4-in-1 Laundry Packs – 50 pack
While these, like the dishwasher packs, are convenient in the individual packs, I actually got a reaction from one piece of clothing that gave me a very painful rash. This is really strange considering the laundry packs are hypoallergenic. Since then, I haven’t had any reaction similar, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll finish off the bag, but like the dishwasher packs, I won’t be getting them again.


Halloween Tote
I got this for free with my bundle after entering a code during checkout. Upon my initial reaction, the bag was far smaller than I anticipated, but I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. I use it all the time to carry my notebooks, pencil case, and day planner. It’s a lot roomier than you might think. I’m happy that I put in the code so I could get this nice little tote for free.

I really like what the Honest Company stands for. I know that now, people are more aware of the material and chemicals in their products more than ever. Perhaps I just had some bad luck with the products selected, they have a lot of other stuff I can choose from so perhaps I will eventually look into those.

Because I live in Canada, there is an additional international surcharge of $8.99. This is on top of the $7.99 for shipping. So I had almost $20 additional just in shipping. Considering the price of the bundle was $35, it made me hesitant in the first place to even order. The exchange doesn’t help much either. The Canadian dollar is at it’s lowest in about a decade, so in the end, I paid just under $60 for this bundle. I’m going to put off ordering another bundle because it is an expense I’m not really able to include in my budget right now.

Chapters/Indigo has recently partnered with Honest and is selling Honest Company product in their stores and online. Which means that I can go to one of their stores and get the product or even order it online. While they don’t have the extensive collection of Honest Products, I can, at least, look to purchase one or two of the ones I really liked.

If you want to see more, please check out my YouTube review here



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