Debating becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist

In case no one has heard of this brand, here are some examples of the beautiful product that they have:

b288pl_jacinthe_main_rgb_a     b314cm_havana_cuff-main     n476tbd2_callie_necklace_main

After browsing through their website, I stumbled upon their ‘Become a Stylist’ tab and discovered that there is a way for me to have a supplement income. I spoke to a woman who would become my mentor, or team leader and she told me about how it would work for me being a Stylist.

It would fit perfectly for me, especially for when my contract is complete and I’m just freelancing. I could use the money from being a Stylist to pay my bills as I don’t know how frequent my freelance work would be.

I’m going to a trunk show for this company in a few weeks so I’m going to chat up the Stylist, who is actually my age, and ask her how she likes it.


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