Monday Musings…

I really wish that I could hightail my freelance business into high gear. I had my first day at my new contract job today. It was nice; the co-workers are really friendly and the work so far is really straight forward. I am excited for the point where I’m going to get to start doing editing and proofreading work.

I’m starting to really like my Instagramย account where I am following more fashion, beauty and lifestyle accounts. Sometimes I think that I should pursue writing more about that or doing more work and creating more posts.

I recently fixed up the photos on one of the walls of my bedroom – it was an absolute mess and I wanted to highlight the ones that I loved and thought were the best. My mom told me that I should get more into it so perhaps I can ย incorporate my photography and the beauty/fashion/lifestyle account.

Who knows, just what I’m thinking of doing.


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