Tuesday Thoughts.

I feel as if I am at a strange stage in my life.

I’m 25, working contract-to-contract, paying off loans and also having to consider writing a small will and start to put money away for the future.

In two weeks time, I will be attending two different friends’ Jack & Jill parties celebrating each of their upcoming nuptials. I know I am not at that stage yet with P but it is still strange to me that two of my friends, who are the same age as myself, are heading to that road.

I still feel like I am trying to find out my own identity as well; having created my Instagram with this name, I am following accounts that I don’t on my personal one. Perhaps it’s because I want to create a different type of aesthetic for my life or its just shaping myself to be the type of woman I truly want to me. I honestly don’t know.

As I’m writing this, I don’t know what I should be doing. I know I need to start packing up my life to house-sit for my grandparents for six months, but I’m just too tired to think about that.

I have to wonder, does anyone else feel this way in this stage of their lives?


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