I need a mental break

As of late, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed mentally, and it’s starting to really effect me physically.

I finish my internship next Friday and I’m so excited about it. While it was good for me to get away from the insurance company (which is proving to be a major headache, I’ll explain why in a bit), I really feel like just an intern at this current place.Β In the four months I’ve been there, I’ve been introduced and spoken to four people. It was three up until two weeks ago when my manager did not have anything for us to do so she got us helping someone on her team do research on URLs. As well, we aren’t involved in anything company wise. We went to our first departmental meeting about a week ago and I felt very lost, my manager didn’t explain anything to us afterwards either.

I did get an offer from the place I did my six week internship at for a freelance job working on a project with the SMART interactive white boards, a relatively new device for teachers in primary schools. It won’t start until October, which will give me September to relax, catch my breath and clear my head a bit. I will also be doing Tone It Up’s 28 day program while I’m off so I can reconnect with myself physically and mentally.

I made a promise/goal to myself to participate in Lululemon’s SeaWheeze half marathon next August. This gives me a year to prepare to run 21kms in downtown Vancouver. When my boyfriend returns from Portugal, I’m going to tell him my plan; it would be nice if he could come with me and cheer me on.

Patrick being in Portugal is hard, not just the five hour time difference, but not being able to speak to him properly about what’s going on in my life. Truly the things I’m upset about are my career life and what battle I’m having with my former employer. On to that…

I left the company in May after I accepted this contract internship, it was risky but I knew I had enough and the job had served it’s purpose: provide good payment for a crappy job so I could pay off some of my loan and pay for my graduate diploma. About a month ago, I received a letter stating that they had overpaid me and are demanding back $1300. I have gone back and forth requesting information and details which they still won’t provide me, regardless that they have threatened me with legal action. It’s absolutely idiotic that they are punishing me for their error. It makes more sense, and probably would have been FAR easier for them to say, “Ok Stefanie, you’re now part-time, we can no longer give you the full-time vacation, please choose which week you want to take away.” I was fully expecting that to happen, but no, now I’m dealing with the stupidity which is ultimately causing them more time and money than the other way they should have done their job. My parents have told me to stop communicating with them until we write a letter outlining all that has transpired and why I am not giving them any money. Primarily because they still haven’t proven to me what’s happened. I received an email from the same guy today giving me a random week I took as personal time when it was while I was away on my internship and he also referred back to the original amount which was reduced since the company took my spring bonus. I called him out on it, and he has yet to respond. If he does email me tomorrow, I won’t be answering until my family and I can write out a reply.

It was my 25th birthday last Tuesday (the 11th) and sometime this week, I will be doing a birthday/shopping haul posting. It’s feeling around 40C/104F this week and we don’t have central AC in my house. As soon as it’s bearable for me to take pictures, I will upload them.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post, I just have been bottling up a lot recently.



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