Comparing and Contrasting my Heart Rate Monitor Watches

I currently purchased another HR monitor watch off of Kijiji for $40. It was one I had previously and returned before I buckled down and bought one off of Amazon for $130.

The $40 one is the MioPINK Motiva Petite women’s watch; the $130 one is the Polar FT40. Each have their pros and cons, which I will be outlining…

MioPINK Motiva Petite

This light little watch is a good one to have for the day-to-day, even if you are not necessarily working out all the time or wearing it when working out (I can’t wear either watch for football for example). This watch deals with the calorie intake daily, getting the user involved by entering how much they have consumed for the day. In reaction, when you begin the timer to start working out, you need to be consistently checking your heart rate to see how many calories you have burned and whether or not you have balanced out the input of food. The thing that annoys me about this watch is the heart rate system doesn’t always work. You have to check it using your index finger and thumb of whichever opposite hand the watch is not around. Another thing that is a con of this watch is that it doesn’t seem to work in water. I love to go swimming and I know that it burns quite a lot since it is constant cardio and really a bit of toning. Whenever I have had the watch on in the pool and try to check my HR, the watch does not ever seem to read it, making it fairly useless in the pool.

2.5/5 – partially due to that I don’t really count calories and that the HR function, which is truly the purpose of the watch, doesn’t always seem to work


Polar FT40 w/ chest strap

I purchased this watch in October of 2013. I had done a bit of research and I knew that Polar was quite reputable about it’s HR monitors. This watch is a bit bulkier than the Mio, but quite comfortable to wear it on a daily basis if you don’t mind it. I used this watch and chest strap combo every time I went to the gym. It was a large, beautiful display, and very simple to use. The thing that I have discovered, however, is that the chest strap component is quite annoying for me. I hated that I still had to wet the strap before putting it around my body and then attaching the heart rate clip to the strap, hoping that my watch read it the first time and I wouldn’t have to reattach it several times. Like the Mio, this watch/chest strap didn’t seem to work very well in the pool. Sometimes it didn’t read the monitor on my chest, and often it seemed like I was hardly burning any calories although I had been working out for a half hour at minimum. I also could not wear this combo in yoga class as about 80% of time in class, the watch would beep indicating that it could not read the chest strap.

3/5 – due to the annoying chest strap, the non-working in the pool or the yoga studio


At this point in time, I don’t use either of these watches. I really don’t see the point as they bothered me so much. I still look around and debate buying something like a Fitbit or another wearable technology, but at this point in time, I like having my wrists free.


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