Review Series: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

This is the first time I’m posting a review about a makeup product. I don’t wear makeup very often. Mostly that’s out of laziness, the other is I’ve just started getting into makeup with my current job. I do wear makeup whenever I go out for dinner or for an event.

This concealer was actually given to me by my brother’s girlfriend. She had never used it and it happened to by my skin tone. As I learned out to use it I became absolutely blown away at how well it worked! I tend to break out around my nose and mouth (more when I’m closer to having my period) and I always become self-conscious about those pimples. Anytime I use this with a sponge applicator, the pimples just disappear! It’s very light as well, whenever I apply it to my face, I can’t ever really tell or feel like I have the concealer on.

I would highly recommend the product to anyone, it truly lasts ages. I got the concealer from my brother’s girlfriend in October 2013, and I used it until September 2014 when it finally ran out. A little of the product certainly goes a long way. And at the price of $23 per tube, this is well worth it!


4.5/5 rating


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