New shoes!

Apparently, I’m on a new wardrobe spree as of late.

I’ve been hunting for new shoes that were more grown up, but not too grown up, if you get what I mean. I was at the Eaton Centre in Toronto today with my best friend who was visiting from Niagara Falls for the day, and every shoe store we went to had shoes starting at $120! Definitely out of my price range. On my way home, I stopped at Payless to see if they had anything for me. My mom went this past weekend and scored on shoes for work.

I managed to find an adorable pair that were in my price range. They were $45, but because I had a 15% coupon, they were down to $38.

WOMEN’S KIM BUTTON MARY JANE. Got these in a 9, as they were just big enough. My feet are odd that I can’t give an exact shoe size. I can fit in shoes in sizes 9, 9.5 or 10, depending on the shoe. I’m going to wear these shoes on Christmas Day with the dress I bought at Anthropologie yesterday.



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