Black Friday Buys!

Today after work, I braved Square One shopping centre in Mississauga. Primarily it was because I needed some groceries so I was heading to Target. But, I figured I was there so I might as well have checked what sales were going on.

First off, HOLY CROWDS! The mall had security directing traffic, which was hilarious and annoying at the same time. I was lucky, and found a parking spot quite close to the Target main entrance. Once I got inside, I went to Lush to buy a new bath bomb. I’ve wanted a nice bubble bath for a while, and the tub at my grandparents house (where I am housesitting for a few months) is really deep, perfect for soaking. So I bought a bath bomb to relax.

On to the fashion-relevant portion of my finds:

At TopShop, they were having 50% off a lot of items in the store. I really did not have the patience to try any clothing on, so I looked at the makeup and jewelery which were also 50% off. I bought lipstick, blush, powder and a beautiful teal necklace for $40! Saving $38 total.


Hope everyone found some great stuff and didn’t get too trampled by the crowds!


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