what a crap-tastic evening

 so I was really looking forward to going to hot yoga because I haven’t been in ages. Now I bought passes for the Hot Yoga Wellness near my house in Scarborough under the assumption that I could use those passes at any Hot Yoga Wellness because it says on their website:

“We Are Unique

If you are a member at any Hot Yoga Wellness studio, then you can use your membership plan at other Hot Yoga Wellness studios. All we ask is that you purchase your Hot Yoga Wellness regular-priced  membership plan at the studio that you will use the most.

If you are a member at any yoga studio please show us your membership card and we will be happy to give you a free class.”

BY THE WAY, I just had to take that from the studio I bought my passes from because guess what studio conveniently just removed it from their website? facking asshats

and then to top it all off, as I was leaving the driveway of the studio, I was turning left onto the road to get me home. I cleared the side on my left so I merged out and was waiting for two cars to clear. this jerk comes speeding to my left in a truck and starts swerving and honking. being in the mood I was I flipped him off. he lost his shit on me, he starts screaming at me, flipping the bird at me, calling me a bitch, and then tried (and failed horribly) throwing garbage at my car. 

when I got home I went for a run, its the only thing that can help calm me down. though even now I really am in a shitty mood. 

just going to crawl into bed




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