a weight has been lifted!

on Wednesday, I finally told work that I was going back to school. This ended in tears from me out of sheer relief.

I have been stressing about it for a good month, since I found out I had been formally accepted, and heightened after I broke my finger two days later and ended up in a cast for a month. the stress of those plus my family and boyfriend asking “how would you make money and pay for your car?” constantly resulted in me acting unlike myself.

my family noticed, my co-workers, my manager and my boyfriend all commented on how I wasn’t acting like myself and how they were concerned something was wrong. I couldn’t tell them all the real reason, they would just seem offended.

I cried with relief because my manager said it should be no problem for me to work here part-time. making more than I would doing most part-time jobs. as well, as long as I work a minimum of 20 hours a week, I can keep my full work benefits.

I certainly feel more like myself after telling work about school, I feel more relaxed and happier. hopefully this will stay true as I get back into the swing of school full time and working part-time


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